Bob the Builder was done on the building site where he had been working on his mini digger. His vehicle was pulling the heavy-duty twin axle trailer but he didn’t notice a nail had got stuck in the rear left tyre of his trailer. Slightly later, while on the motorway at 80km, his trailer starts heavily swerving and he can barely keep the car and trailer in control with the heavy load that is on it. Upon inspection of his trailer, the rear left tyre is totally destroyed and the front left tyre is flat but also damaged. So, whilst one tyre was deflating and shredding to pieces, the pressure on the other became higher and when it couldn’t hold the load any longer it was also damaged. As well as the two new tyres needed, it also damaged the brake drums.

The moral of this story is that a quality TPMS on his trailer would have warned him while leaving the building site, which could have saved him his tyres, brake drums, potentially his digger but more importantly, his life.

But what about your boat & trailer, caravan, or jetskis…. very expensive gear that you want to protect, and that for
relatively not much money by using the iCheckTPMS

Automatic screen rotation between car and caravan/trailer tyresYesNot Available
When become all sensors active At 25km+ speedAfter approx 2~3min
Caravan disconnect featureYesNot applicable
On and Off road tyre pressure modesYesNot applicable
Tyre Swap function availableYesNot applicable
Can I have 6 and up to 10 tyres monitoredYes, buy IC008 or IC010No, two or three units interfere with each other
Can I upgrade my IC005 or IC008 with more sensorsYes, buy extra and re-code up to 10 totalNo
Different settings for tyres/axlesYes, each axle (2 tyres) has a different settingNo, one setting for front and rear axle (all 4 tyres)
Transmission range too longUse our extenderUnit not usable
Replace a lost or damaged sensorYes, extra sensors are for saleNo, you need to buy a new full set
Rubber dust coversYes, included in each setNo
Warranty2 year, NZ based agent1 year, sending back to China
Delivery1-3 working days (rural + 1~2 day’s)20~35 days
Car + spare tyreX
Car and single axle caravanX
Car and twin axle caravanX
Car + spare tyre and single axle caravan + spare tyreX
Car + spare tyre and twin axle caravan + spare tyreX
Motorhome + spare tyreX
Motorhome + spare tyre (double tyres on rear axle)X
Single axle caravan + spare tyreX
Twin axle caravan + spare tyreX
Single axle trailer or horsefloat + spare tyreX
Twin axle trailer or horsefloat + spare tyreX