1. How long will my order take to be delivered?

You will receive your order within 1-3 working days depending on where you are located in NZ, rural might take longer.

2. How long is the warranty on my iCheck product?

All iCheckTPMS products carry a 2 year warranty from date of sale. You can also choose a 1 year extended warranty at an additional cost.

3. Where is iCheckTPMS based?

iCheckTPMS.NZ is based in Silverdale, New Zealand, and iCheckTPMS.AU is based in Melbourne, Australia.

4. What is your postal address?

Our postal address is iCheckTPMS PO Box 164, Silverdale 0944

5. What if my car already has a factory tyre pressure monitoring system?

You can still use the iCheckTPMS as it will also show your tyre temperatures and your spare tyre data.

6. If I only install sensors on the car wheels will the monitor still show the spare tyre information?

No, the monitor will only show what sensors are in use and exclude those that aren’t.

7. What is the battery life of the wheel sensors?

Depending on how often you use your vehicle, you will get approximately a 2 year life span from the batteries.

8. Are the sensors waterproof?

The wheel sensors have an IP67 waterproof rating and can withstand a 30 minute immersion in up to one meter of water. NOTE: If entering salt water just make sure you rinse them afterwards.

9. Do I need to get my wheels re balanced after installing the sensors?

No. The wheels sensors only weigh 9 grams and won’t affect the balance of your wheels.

10. Why is one side of the monitor displaying higher pressure and temperatures?

This is quite common as the heat from the sun can increase the temperature and pressure of your tyres if one side of the vehicle is in direct sunlight.

11. Do I need to use the rubber dust covers and lock nuts supplied in the kit?

No. Although advisable, the dust covers and lock nuts are there for theft prevention and sensor protection only.

12. Why is the spare wheel not being displayed on the monitor?

As the sensors are activated by motion your spare tyre sensor will go into sleep mode after a period of time and therefore stop being displayed on the monitor. It will however still alert you if the tyre drops below the preset threshold even though it is not being displayed on the monitor.

13. Are the wheel sensors water and dust proof and will they handle water crossings?

Yes. Our wheel sensors have been tested in the harshest Australian conditions and are completely sealed against everything you can throw at them. If entering salt water just make sure you rinse them afterwards. Each sensor has a rubber seal that prevents water, condensation, dirt, dust and mud from entering the device.

14. What should the Low Pressure, High Pressure & High Temperature alarms be set to?

Alarm thresholds can be set for each axle meaning you can set different values for the front and rear tyres if required.​ The ‘on road’ low pressure setting is set at 29PSI and the high pressure setting is 44PSI​ For the ‘off road’ mode the settings are set at 15PSI and 25PSI. The high temperature alarm is set at 70 Deg C.

15. Can I replace a lost or damaged Sensor?

Yes. You can order and program replacement ‘learnable’ sensors for the complete range of iCheckTPMS products. Each unit has a learning mode which allows the user to program in new replacement sensors. Replacement sensors are available for each tyre location and can be purchased individually to replace the damaged or lost sensor.

16. How do I inflate or deflate the tyres once the Sensors have been fitted?

If you have fitted the sensor with the supplied lock nut simply loosen the lock nut and unscrew the sensor from the tyre valve. If you didn’t use the lock nut you can simply unscrew the wheel sensor from the tyre valve without any tools required.

17. How do I know if the batteries are going flat?

The iCheckTPMS wireless Tyre Pressure and Monitoring system monitor/receiver will show a battery icon for the specific sensor in question when it’s time to replace it. Once the icon appears, we suggest that you replace the appropriate battery within a few days. This will ensure your tyres are always protected.

18. What is the maximum transmission range for the sensors?

The transmission range is around 20 metres line of sight. However, as the sensors transmit via Radio Frequency, the vehicle shape, size of the vehicle and the metal structure can reduce this range to around 7-8 meters. Sometimes more, sometimes less. To increase the transmission range, an iCheckTPMS Signal Booster is available in the case the signal between your caravan and vehicle is not strong enough.

19. How do I install the signal booster if it is needed?

Installation is easy, just mount the signal booster somewhere between the most rear wheels and the monitor. It is fully waterproof and can be externally mounted if desired. Simply connect the red wire to a positive power source and ground the black wire. Once powered, the red light will illuminate and is now active. That’s it!

20. If I purchase the iCheckTPMS IC005 five sensor kit, can I upgrade it with more sensors if I purchase a caravan at a later date?

Yes. Simply purchase the amount of extra sensors you need and re-code them to the monitor. Please refer to the user manual for this process.

21. The iCheckTPMS IC008 eight sensor kit is designed for a car and single axle trailer/caravan including the spare tyres totaling 8 sensors but can I use this on my car and dual axle trailer/caravan excluding the spare tyres?

Yes. If you don’t want to monitor your spare tyres you can use the IC008 kit for a dual axle trailer/caravan although you will need to re-code two of the sensors to there new wheel locations. Please refer to the user manual for this process.